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A one day conference for non-permanent physicists working in Grenoble for social and scientific exchange. It will be a great opportunity for you to gain a broad overview of the research executed here by your fellow students and to enter into a strong network of young physicists.

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The 4th edition of RJP, is going to take place in the month of November 2019. The participation is free for both speakers and listeners. We strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for oral/poster presentation in order to benefit the most from the conference. Guidelines and instructions for the presentations will be available soon.

A form for registration for RJP-2019 will be soon available on this website.

A Facebook page is also available to find our more information and visuals of the previous conferences.

Oral Presentation or poster

Requests for oral and / or poster are made directly by sending an abstract to the address 'rjp.grenoble@sfpnet.fr'. Please make sure that the abstract is consistent with the following template.

In its choice of speakers, the committee seeks to promote both the quality of research and the clarity of the subject, while trying to scan different areas of physics.

Each oral presentation will last 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions. Special attention should be paid to pedagogy and the perspective of the subject in a more general context. The subject must remain accessible to an audience of physicists who are not specialists in the field. You can expect your audience coming from different backgrounds like Nanophysics, cosmology, biophysics, condensed matter physics, spintronics etc.

The contributions should both introduce the field of study and describe the research work of the doctoral student, with a view to reconciling demanding scientific communication and pedagogic presentation.

Presentations should be in English as the participants will be from different nationalities. Further, the presentation materials (slides, posters, etc.) must be in English and bear the logo of the Doctoral School on which the speaker depends.

Program of the day

RJP is a daylong conference fully loaded with a keynote lecture, presentations by young physicists, fun activities such as quizzes, cocktail and prize distribution. Below is the program of RJP 2018 which will give you an idea about RJP.

Welcome Speech
Session 1
X-ray lenses metrology: methods and applications (Rafael CELESTRE)
Session 1
Time- resolved serial femtosecond crystallography on photoswitchable fluorescent proteins (Kyprianos Hadjidemetriou)
Session 1
Black holes in Loop Quantum Gravity (Flora Moulin)
Session 1
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays and the Pierre Auger Observatory (Julien Souchard)
Coffee Break + Poster Session
Keynote Speaker
Lunch and Poster Session
Session 2
Direct measurement of liquid flow rate up to picoliter per minute (Preeti Sharma)
Session 2
Amoeboid swimming near rigid boundary (Mohd Suhail Rizvi)
Selected questions submitted during the registration by the participants will be asked as a contest
Session 3
Exploring the electronic structure of MAX phases (Damir Pinek)
Session 3
A source of anti-bunched microwave photons (Florian Blanchet)
Session 3
AFM as nanoscale dynamic SFA (Erik Abegg)
Coffee Break
Session 4
Magneto-paper composites for low-cost twoway valves and other active µPads (Mario Fratzl)
Session 4
First-principles investigation of photo-responsive metal-organic-frameworks for efficent CO2 capture (Aseem KSHIRSAGAR)
Session 4
Crowding-induced protein cluster formation (Christian Beck)
Poster Session
Cocktail and Prize distribution


Thank you to all our partners of RJP 2018!

Nanoscience Foundation
Institut Néel
LNCMI (Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses)
École nationale supérieure de l'énergie, l'eau et l'environnement
The Grenoble Electrical Engineering laboratory
SFP (Société Française de Physique)
Ecole Doctorale de Physique, Grenoble

The team

Sponsors Nanoscience Foundation, MEM, INAC, Institute NEEL, CNRS, Grenoble INP - Ense3 (GreEnER), Grenoble Electrical Engineering laboratory (G2Elab), École doctorale de physique and Société Française de Physique (SFP)

Organizers Aseem Rajan K, Katherine Driscoll, Efe Gümüş, Alejandro Jiménez Muñoz, Lorenzo Mariano

Aseem Rajan K
Katherine Driscoll
Efe Gümüş
Alejandro Jiménez Muñoz
Lorenzo Mariano